Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Mad Men Football retro-reverse reveal, & Armillo fun!

While I haven't publicly released any screenshots of Mad Men Football outside of the concept art and a portion of the football field, some associated with certain sites have seen a few screens "off-the-record" of the assets I was using for prototyping and programming earlier this year. So, "Here's where the fun begins.", as a famous smuggler once said.

What is this retro-reverse reveal? I'm going to send five people a portion of an image from my in-game Mad Men Football prototype I had up and running last year with the assets I was using for it, by mail (not email, but a physical mail delivery). So, it's a bit retro doing an image release by snail mail these days, and it's a bit reverse by showing the prototype assets first, instead of first showing off an actual in-game asset or even a trailer.

The five people that win the giveaway can share their image with any site(s) of their choice if they want, and they will also receive other promotional package items (like what Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast received in June, but not exactly the same) with the image. WARNING! What the prototype was, is not what the game is becoming!

What about this Armillo fun? As a Wii U owner and now developer as well, I still try to make time to play games on the system. One Wii U game I purchased in July, and have been playing and enjoying a lot, is Armillo. It was developed by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games and if you are curious about the game check out the trailer for it below:

I have played and beaten Armillo, but not to 100% yet! If you own a Wii U and have been even a little bit interested in the game, I suggest giving it a try. I was so impressed with the game after playing through several of the levels, I contacted Fuzzy Wuzzy Games about maybe paying for a download code for it that I could gift/give away.

Instead, the awesome team behind Fuzzy Wuzzy Games agreed to this cross-promotion! So, not only will you receive some Mad Men Football items via snail mail, but you will also receive a Wii U eShop download code for Armillo in the package as well! This giveaway is open to U.S. and European residents only. It will be for two (2) U.S. Armillo eShop codes and promotional packages, and three (3) European Armillo eShop codes and promotional packages.

Want a chance to win an Armillo and Mad Men Football promotional package? Here's how to get two entries into the drawing:
1) Follow @ArmilloGame on Twitter, leave a comment on the Armillo trailer above and include your Twitter handle in that comment (example: "Armillo looks awesome! I hope to win, @YourTwitterHandle."), and RT this Twitter post!

2) Follow @AEGamesNC on Twitter, leave a comment below on this post about your favorite Wii U game or feature or make a tweet about it including the hashtag #MadMenFootball, and RT this Twitter post!

The first winner drawn for each U.S. and European region will receive a promotional package closest to what Shawn received, while the next winners drawn will receive a promotional package but not necessarily with all the exact same concept art prints included.

The giveaway runs from Thursday, August 7th through next Thursday, August 14th, ending at 9:00 AM (PST). Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter to get the necessary information for mailing out the promotional packages.


  1. I posted on YouTube. Great trailer and can't wait to play the game. Both of them. My favorite WiiU game right now would have to be ZombiU

  2. No, thank you and the rest of Fuzzy Wuzzy Games for making an awesome game! I hope that the Wii U owners that win a copy, enjoy it as much as my family and I have!

  3. Posted to youtube DaSil3ntX. I know you have a winner because my son asked if that was a new game we were getting! lol! I have to agree, ZombiU by far has been the best use of the WiiU game pad. It just immersed you into the game!

  4. My favorite game on the Wii U right now would have to be either Wonderful 101 or Super Mario 3D World.

  5. Favorite game on Wii U is New Super Mario Bros U. Great graphics and co-op gameplay!

    I hope I win a U.S. copy!
    Youtube: afghanapex
    Twitter and Nintendo Network ID: yamayamayaamaa

  6. Armillo looks fun I have heard a lot of good things about it. Would be cool if I won @whut_316

  7. Favorite Wii u game right now is Mario kart 8

  8. Hahahaa this just gets more awful by the second

  9. any hope of you doing what any normal/legit game developer does and just posting screenshots on your website? why play all these stupid games?

  10. Favorite WiiU game so far is MK8.

  11. My favorite feature of WiiU is the gamepad. Never thought I'd get so much use out of off TV play, but it is a huge benefit when you have a wife and you both want to use the TV.
    Twitter: XCWarrior1, Youtube: XCarrior

  12. Thank you for entering the giveaway, and helping promote both Armillo and Mad Men Football in the process. Even though you weren't one of the winners for the Armillo eShop code and Mad Men Football promotional package, I do hope that you will be able to play Armillo soon, and enjoy it as much as we have in our house.

    ZombiU was a day one purchase with my Wii U, and I really enjoyed the game. Still haven't beaten it on Survival Mode, but I did try it a few times.

    Thanks again for entering the giveaway.

  13. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Even though your name wasn't drawn for one of the Armillo eShop codes and the Mad Men Football promotional package, like I mentioned to @Philippa Lorne Channer, I highly recommend Armillo. It's a favorite in the house right now, and it has some great level designs and fantastic music and sound effects.

    Did you happen to beat ZombiU on Survival Mode?

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great week.

  14. I have only played the demo for The Wonderful 101, but I am interested in playing the full game. Super Mario 3D World is great, and we really enjoyed that one. Super Mario 3D World and Armillo are the two current favorites in the house with our youngest.

    Thank you for entering the giveaway, and helping promote Armillo and Mad Men Football in the process.

  15. The co-op play in New Super Mario Bros. U is a lot of fun. Super Mario 3D World's co-op is great as well if you haven't checked it out.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway, and keep watching @ArmilloGame on Twitter for more news on Armillo, and maybe even more chances to try and win another code. The following link is to a current contest that will end in about 3 hours -

  16. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  17. Any hope of posting screenshots to the website? Absolutely!

  18. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

    Even though your name wasn't drawn for the Armillo eShop code and Mad Men Football promotional package, if you watch the Twitter accounts @ArmilloGame and @AEGamesNC, there may be other chances for similar giveaways in the future.

    Right now, @ArmilloGame has another giveaway happening, but it will be ending in a few hours. See the following link for details -

  19. I agree about the Wii U GamePad and Off-TV Play, and as an indie developer and a Wii U gamer/owner, I kind of wish Nintendo would advertise the Wii U GamePad's features.
    The ability for Off-TV Play, while someone else is watching a Netflix show or movie, is great. As a parent, having one child that wants to watch a show, and another play a game like Armillo, and being able to do so in one room is awesome.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway, and like I mentioned to a few others above, there is another giveaway happening right now for an Armillo eShop at

    There's only a few hours left to enter it though.

  20. Thanks so much. Yes we are certainly going to try it.