Friday, September 12, 2014

Mad Men Football early prototype screenshots.

A few weeks ago, a screenshot of Mad Men Football's (working title) early prototype was sent to several winners of a giveaway. Even before that though, early prototype screens had been shared with a few people "off-the-record" earlier this year. And while screenshots don't necessarily confirm a game is in development or even real, and I think some have been absolutely correct in maintaining a skepticism about the game not knowing that early prototype screenshots had been shared with some, even if there is a video or trailer of footage that doesn't even necessarily mean a game will see release, as many Wii U owners probably know.

With that said though, below are two screenshots showing the assets I edited and created for use in the early prototype last year (2013). The only things added to these early prototype screenshots that weren't in the screenshots already shared with some are the AE Games logo towards the bottom right corner, the Mad Men Football logo in the center of the field, and the "EARLY PROTOTYPE SCREEN" text.
Kickoff formation.
Offensive passing formation play. Offensive player with blue jersey is the QB.
Was colored blue for easier tracking while running plays in the very early prototype.
If anybody missed the previous post on the new logo designs, they were both done by Clayton Belcher, of Jolly Crouton Media.

Work has continued on Mad Men Football since last year though, and the players' visual style has been chosen. I am still self-funding the game, and have been concentrating on the programming side of things myself. I am working on something I hope to share with everyone next week that will show the visual style I am aiming for in the final game.

Follow the AE Games accounts on Twitter and Facebook for updates and conversations, and possibly even future giveaways. If you have questions about Mad Men Football and are a member of the press, send questions to If you're Wii U owner or just have comments/questions in general about the game in development, feel free to send those to

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