Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mad Men Football's George Washington (in-game) retro-style reveal

On this day in history, October 19, 1781, General Cornwallis surrendered nearly 8,000 British soldiers under his command to American (and French) forces at Yorktown, Virginia, effectively ending the American Revolution, though not officially ending it.*

Earlier this year, Mad Men Football (working title) was announced as being effectively in development for the Wii U, but not officially in development. Development started on Mad Men Football last year and development has continued since it was first announced, but there has been a BIG change to it during the development process after getting officially approved as a Wii U developer.

In early August, it was said of the game, "A fair warning would be, what the game was, is not what the game is becoming." And, a post shortly after that one said, "What the prototype was, is not what the game is becoming!"

The difference between effectively developing the game before being an approved Wii U developer, and then becoming an officially approved Wii U developer is what resulted in the big change and the decisions leading to the change.

What is the big change that has happened to Mad Men Football since first announcing it, and getting approved as a Wii U developer? Watch the pre-alpha promotional screens trailer below from the current work-in-progress, for the first in-game look at George Washington and the big change in development to the game from what the prototype was last year and earlier this year!

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  1. If it's anything like Tecmo Bowl with 4+ player multiplayer, I'm interested.

  2. Am i the only one annoyed by the word "rebolution" :S